Plex Broadband Internet

Plex Broadband Internet brings you closer to the people and things that matter most. It delivers a world of yet-to-be discovered possibilities faster than anyone in the Triad, all under your roof. For Movies, TV, Shopping, Gaming or just socializing, Plex Broadband Internet offers the fastest synchronous speed to convert the Web into your personal multi-media canvas for downloading and uploading opportunities.

Plex Broadband Internet

  • Speed Options

    Speed Options


    Great For

    Plex Broadband 80

    80 Mbps/30 Mbps

    Everything below PLUS: Video Chatting, Multiple Connections, Telecommuting

    Plex Broadband 30

    30 Mbps/30 Mbps

    Everything below PLUS: Multiple Web Device Use, PC+Tablet+Smartphone, Uploading Large Photo Files, Netflix, Hulu, Xbox, Multi-Player Gaming

    Plex Broadband 15

    15 Mbps/ 1Mbps

    Fast Downloads, Music, YouTube-like Viewing, Light Gaming, Email, Shopping, Social Media, Surfing, Research, Always On

    Not all speeds available in all areas.


    • Free Email Virus & Spam Filters

      Helps you keep your email safe and secure.

    • 24/7 Support

      Help is always just a friendly click or call away.

    • Free Web Portal

      Our Web portal,, offers you faster access to everything you and your family want to do. With one username and password, you get access to your own custom page, chock full of relevant services and content—like your email, the news and weather.

      • Email right on your home page: It's the fast, easy and simple way to access your North State email. Just log in, and you're there.
      • Customize your page to fit YOU: Make the page work for your needs—use the simple drop-down menus and choose from tons of free content, like business or entertainment news, movie search and so much more!
      • Pay your bill right here: Convenient, safe and fast! Log in and take care of business while enjoying your online experience.
      • Local information: Your ZIP code is the key to what's going on in your town—weather info, movie times, community events—even gas prices!
    • Free access to

      ESPN3 broadcasts thousands of live games and events from around the globe online each year. A majority are exclusive to ESPN3; some are broadband-enhanced versions of games from one of ESPN3’s networks.

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  • Subscriptions

    More details about these premium services can be found at Click on the tab for Premium Services.

    Subscription-Based Premium Services

    Plex Broadband Internet customers can also subscribe to a wealth of premium Web services. All of these services come with a 30-day free trial.

    • North State Variety Pack

      Includes exclusive Web content related to games, sports, education and entertainment content. Titles include Encyclopaedia Britannica, American Greetings, Shockwave Unlimited and more. This set of subscriptions widens everyone's horizons.

    • North State Digital Music

      Provides unlimited access to an online library of over 4 million songs. Access your music anytime, anywhere from almost any PC. Download unlimited songs to your PC, or, with Music To Go, transfer them to your compatible MP3 player at no additional cost per song.

    • Learning Edge

      A collection of online educational subscriptions that take your kids from ABCs to SATs. Students of all ages will expand their horizons with safe and secure educational games and study help.

    • Gamesomnia

      Offers the ultimate bundle of online premium game site subscriptions. Titles for all ages, in-depth info for the serious gamer. One sign-in for easy access to all the coolest games.

    • Webspace

      Want to create your own website? Personal Webspace from North State Communications with SiteMaker allows for easily created great-looking, functional websites—in real time, with no programming or software required! You get membership tools, video players and more.

    • SiteMaker Lite

      20 MB of space, 1 GB of bandwidth per month, plus up to 15 pages for your site.

    • SiteMaker Standard

      50 MB of space, 6 GB of bandwidth per month, plus unlimited pages for your site.

    • SiteMaker Advanced

      250 MB of space, 10 GB of bandwidth per month, plus unlimited number of pages for your site, and also includes simple PayPal E-commerce functionality.

    More details about these premium services can be found at Click on the tab for Premium Services.

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